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Play Jackpot Casino Slots on ICE36

ICE36 is dedicated to providing players with every type of casino games available. We’re a one-stop-shop for having the greatest and most exciting online gaming experience. As such, we also include jackpot slots in our vast games portfolio.

A progressive jackpot offers thrilling gameplay where big wins are massive. Instead of a stationary jackpot prize, progressive jackpots increase by a preset amount with each spin. The prize grows as the jackpot remains unclaimed. Of course the greater the prize becomes the greater the suspense.

Online Jackpot Games Explained

Some jackpot games offered by jackpot casinos have fixed jackpots. The developers of these games choose a jackpot sum that remains. If someone wins the jackpot, they win that fixed amount. These are different from progressive jackpots.


What is Progressive Jackpot

Prominent online jackpot slots casinos and jackpot mobile casinos offer amazing progressive slots. A jackpot game is where the prize - or jackpot - increases with time. Every spin on the game from every person playing adds to the final amount, so the jackpot constantly varies in size and until someone wins, it can reach millions of pounds.


Tips for Playing Jackpot Slots

Casinos that offer jackpot slots online require players to make a deposit before having a chance at winning real cash. If you are playing in free mode, you may get lucky and hit the jackpot, but you won’t be able to withdraw the winnings. The same may apply to some bonuses. While some require no action on the part of the player, many require a wager or a cap to win. Make sure you read the site’s T&C before spinning.

Also, it is quite common for sites to stipulate that those playing a slots jackpot need to place a max bet to be eligible to win the big prize. Read the fine print on the jackpot slot you wish to play to see if you can still win the big prize on a small wager.

Many professional gamers believe that you should always bet more as it increases your chance of triggering greater wins, including the slot machine jackpot.

What are Hot Machines & Cold Machines

Slot machines are a big attraction at casinos as they offer the chance to win big prizes on small wagers. They are also fun and exciting as all the action takes place before a player’s eyes. However, they are also very unpredictable. You can get lucky, or things can go the other way.

However, experienced gamblers at casinos say that it’s not entirely up to chance and that there is a trick for everything, including slot machines. They say that they can even identify which slot machines are hot - in other words, yield good returns and which don’t. The two premises are that no machine will always yield rewards above what is put into it. Also, no machines remain inactive and constantly underplay. So, hot slots are considered those with a higher winning frequency and that pay out more than a player’s investment.

Cold Slots, on the other hand are thought of as inactive slot machines. Experienced gamblers say that machines showing less frequent wins wouldn’t reward players with more than what they invest.

The concept of whether slots are hot or cold comes from the player’s experience. Regular players could possibly identify the number of spins, counts, the machine’s behavior, the time for processing, and could forecast if the machine would pay out well or not. However, the spins of a slot machine are actually very random. Slots can yield the same result several times giving the impression that there is a pattern, but actually slot machines are definitely not made with the intent of having hot or cold cycles. Some players can analyze slots, how they work, and when they yield good payouts, however slots cannot always be predicted.


Furthermore, players don’t always agree whether one should play a hot or cold slot machine. Some say investing in a hot slot is rewarding as they are in a payout cycle. Others say that cold slots are more beneficial as they will soon kick-off their payout cycles. These opinions are entirely subjective and usually not applicable.

The spins on slot machines are uncontrolled. They are not built to keep a memory and each spin is independent of the previous one. The machines cannot pay out more than what they are programmed to yield and are actually programmed to pay a set amount in their lifespan. Bottom line, the results produced are entirely random and that can’t be changed or fully predicted.

Fun Fact: The Origin of the word Jackpot

The word jackpot comes from the late 19th century from jack + pot. The term was first used in a form of poker, where the pool - or pot - accrued until a player could start the bidding with two jacks or better.

Just a few decades after the term “jackpot” in poker popped up, the term changed into slang for “trouble with the law,” and by the mid-20th century it morphed even further to being associated with “hitting the jackpot” with casino slot machines. From there, it has become even more metaphorical, referring to any good turn of events or big prize.

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We encourage you to play responsibly. For guidelines check our page.

We encourage you to play responsibly.

For guidelines check our page.