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ICE36 is the go-to gaming site to play the best-loved and most famous casino games, like our live dealer roulette. The introduction of live roulette online featuring live dealers filmed in real-time upped the enjoyment of playing the game at home as it allowed players to experience the same gambling action as in a real casino. Whether you’re a novice player or know your way around playing video roulette games, we promise you some unforgettable immersive gaming.

Online Roulette Explained

So, you’re ready to place your bets and spin the wheel of fortune, but you’re new to online casino roulette and have no idea where to start. No problem. Learning how to play roulette, mastering the basics of the game, and understanding the rules is easy as you’re about to discover.

Let’s begin at the online roulette wheel. The wheel, which is adjacent to the roulette board, comprises 38 online and numbered slots or “pockets”. As the dealer spins the wheel, the roulette ball skips and spins along with it. The wheel starts to slow and the ball drops into a pocket. That pocket indicates the winning result.

To kick off your online casino roulette gameplay, you place a bet at the roulette table. You choose to place chips on the sets, numbers, or colors you would like to gamble on. When you choose to bet on a set, you can bet on whether the winning number is even or odd, whether they are high, or on low a range of numbers.

When you play roulette, you don’t only have one bet per spin. You can actually make as many as you like.

Gambling sites offer several variants of casino roulette. The main ones are:

1. American Roulette: The roulette wheel features 38 slots numbered 1- 36, a zero, and a double zero. The game has a house edge of 5.26%, 37:1 winning odds, and no “La Partage” or “en prison” rules. Each player uses a different color chip.

2. European Roulette: The wheel features 37 slots numbered from 1-36 in non-sequential order with one zero, a house edge of 2.7%, and winning odds of 36:1. All players use the same chip.

3. French Roulette: Has several different graphical layouts and design elements to American and European variants, but it is closest to the latter with one 0 on a 37-numbered wheel and a 2.7% house edge. It also provides more bets than either. Zeros are marked in green slots and players can bet on them.

4. Multi-Ball Roulette: Web-only variant most similar to European Roulette with a single 0 and numbers 1-36 on the wheel, but players can play with 10 balls per game and only have to guess one correctly to win a round.

5. Multi-Wheel Roulette: Web-only variant with up to 8 wheels spinning simultaneously.

Rules & Tips for How to Play Roulette Online

The best rule to keep in mind when playing for real money, is obviously that your risks are higher than if you’re just playing for fun. The main aim is to win more cash than when you started, so in short, the best way to play roulette online is to be smart and cautious with your bets and keep an eye for bonuses.

What Are the Different Bets

There are three different types of roulette bets: inside bets, outside bets and neighbor bets. Here are the basics you need to know:

The Inside Bet

This is the higher odds, riskier betting area on the table where 38 numbers are laid out. The chances to win are lower, but the payout is higher if you do. There are 8 inside bets:

Straight (betting on the number)

Street (betting on 3 consecutive numbers in a horizontal line)

Split (betting on 2 vertically or horizontally adjacent numbers)

Corner (vetting on 4 numbers that meet at one corner)

Six line (betting on 6 consecutive numbers that form two horizontal lines)

Trio (a 3 number bet that must include one zero)

Basket (betting on 0, 1, 2, 3)

Top line (betting on 0, 00, 1, 2, 3)

The Outside Bet

Outside bets have lower payouts, but much better odds. There are six ways to place an outside bet: Low or High (1-18 or 19-26), snake bet, column bet, dozen bet, even or odd, or red or black. Three that need some clarification are:

Snake Bets: This bet is unique as it zigzags across the board. The bet includes the numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 20, 32 and 34.

Column Bets: Bet on a vertical column of 12 numbers. For example, 1-4-7-10 and so forth until 34.

Dozen Bets: Bet on a set of one of the three dozen sets, 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.

The Neighbor Bet

Neighbor bets are more typical when playing online roulette or other Europe-located games. These bets are sometimes called section bets or call bets. They include 5 numbers. First, you select the primary number you want to choose for the neighbor bet. The neighbor bet comprises the primary number and two numbers on either side of it on the wheel. If you chose zero, for example, the neighbor bet would also comprise 3, 26, 32 and 15.

Winning Table – Payout Overview

The following graphic shows the different payouts issued for each bet type. For example, a straight up bet pays out 35 to 1, while a dozen bet only has a 2 to 1 payout. The chart illustrates the huge difference between inside and outside bets, with inside bets having lower odds, but higher winnings.

Straight up (1 number)35 to 1
Split Bet (2 numbers)17 to 1
Trio Bet (3 numbers)11 to 1
Street Bet (3 numbers)11 to 1
Corner (4 numbers)8 to 1
Line Bet (6 numbers)5 to 1
Dozen (12 numbers)2 to 1
Column Bet (12 numbers)2 to 1
Red/Black (18 number)1 to 1
Even/Odd (18 numbers)1 to 1
Low/High (18 numbers)1 to 1
Four number Bet8 to 1

FAQ: The Casino Roulette Game

How safe is it to play online roulette?

It is safe to play live roulette online for real money if playing with a regulated online casino brand. Make sure the site features SSL data encryption; is fully licensed; and, on your part, use anti-virus firewalls and programs.

Is there a winning strategy for playing roulette?

While it is useful to know the rules of the roulette online game, like any other online game, roulette is a game of luck and chance. It should be noted, that many gambling sites – ICE36 included – offer players various bonuses that aren’t available in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Are all casino roulette online games played for real money?

No, many online roulette platforms allow you to play for free to enjoy the experience without playing with actual money. When you want to ‘move on’ to actual gambling, you’ll be asked to make a deposit first – that is the money you’re betting on.

What is the minimum bet?

Many online casinos offer a very low minimum limit, even as low as $1 or less. There are usually options suitable for all pockets.

What are the different roulette games online?

There is American Roulette; European Roulette; and French Roulette. There is also an online roulette slot game and all these variants are offered on both desktop and mobile.

How the odds of winning compared to land-based casinos’ roulette tables?

When playing the online roulette game, the experience is identical to playing roulette in a land-based casino except that you can play from anywhere.

What is the role of the live dealer?

The live dealer conducts the game and manages the roulette table, just like in a brick and mortar casino. The live dealer waits while players place their bets, spins the wheel, and on some platforms, you can even interact with the dealer during play.

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We encourage you to play responsibly. For guidelines check our page.

We encourage you to play responsibly.

For guidelines check our page.