Blackjack X-Change Slot Machine

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Game info

  • Biggest Win: €22,135.33
  • Min. Bet: €0.3
  • Max. Win: €0.0
  • Paylines: 0
  • Reels: 0
  • Produced by: Slingo
  • Game Theme: Table Games
  • Volatility:
The Blackjack X-Change slot adds new elements to the classic game of blackjack and more excitement than ever before. You can swap, buy, and sell cards, and have an incredible level of control over your play.Whether playing Blackjack X-Change slot online or via any handheld device, it’s all about the luck of the draw and aiming to beat the dealer by getting the coveted 21!

Blackjack X-Change Game Description

The popular game of blackjack gets a fresh and exciting revamp in the superb Blackjack X-Change game. While in a land-based casino, you win or bust at the mercy of the dealer, here you can even profit from a losing hand by switching a bad card or getting paid to change a good one. This innovative game adds a level of depth to blackjack that allows you to play however you wish to.

How to Play Blackjack X-Change Slot Online

To begin playing the Blackjack X-Change slot game, choose a chip, and then click “deal." You receive two cards facing up. If the total is less than 21, you can stand or hit. The game is based on the standard blackjack rules with the following adjustments:

  1. An unlimited number of decks are used.
  2. Dealer stands on soft 17.
  3. Blackjack pays 3 to 2.
  4. Dealer peeks at hole card for blackjack.
  5. Player can double on any two cards, also after splitting.
  6. Player can only split once.
  7. Player may hit and double after splitting aces.
  8. In most cases, players can exchange any card in their hand for a random card at a price. This option is only offered with four or fewer cards, 21 or fewer points, and not after doubling or splitting.
  9. If a player exchanges a card, he/she cannot double or split after that.
  10. If the player has blackjack after exchanging a card, it still pays 3 to 2.
  11. The game will charge a player to swap a bad card, known as a "Buy" price, or pay him/her to exchange a good one, known as a "Sell" price.
  12. If the player buys or sells a card, the cost or price paid is directly added/subtracted from their balance, not their bet amount.

Blackjack X-Change Features

The Blackjack X-Change slot machine combines the excitement of the famed casino card game with the thrill of playing slots online. The feature that makes it stand out is the ability to buy individual cards to improve your position or to sell them and lock in a profit in advance. So, you can play out your hand and win some worthy prizes even if you didn’t beat the dealer. The buy and sell prices are dependent on the card combination of your hand. Also, you can split, double, or hit and still be offered a sell or buy price for every card.

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We encourage you to play responsibly. For guidelines check our page.

We encourage you to play responsibly.

For guidelines check our page.